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Builders and Construction Companies Database Directory and Marketing List


Builders and Construction Companies Database Directory and Marketing List help to identify builders and construction firms within various localities. They are the lists that one would refer to after winning a tender for construction work to assess the firm with the capacity to handle the work as given. Many firms are building such kinds of lists and their prices are not uniform; some are higher than others.


However, the price at which each list is going is not, and should not be, the sole factor influencing the buyer’s decision. Other factors come into play including interest in local job creation; maintenance of certain standards; credibility of construction firm; and so on.


Here are important questions one should ask:


  • Is the marketing list of builders and building firms exhaustive-not leaving out significant firms?
  • Does the list show correct business names?
  • Does it contain e-mail addresses that are actively in use?
  • Does it show exactly where the offices of the builders and building firms are to the minutest detail?
  • Does it show the specific location of the firm’s registered office?
  • Are the postal addresses correct and still active?
  • Are the business-names contained correct in terms of registration?
  • Does the list show any professional membership of the firms?
  • Are the builders and construction companies licensed by the relevant authorities to operate?
  • Does it show the size of the firm by annual sales turnover?
  • Does it indicate any referrals-past clients-whose work someone can assess?
  • Does it show firms with certain specialties, e.g. brick work; timber work; tarmac; and such?
  • Does it distinguish a local owned company from one that is foreign based?


A list that would get affirmative answers to the questions above would be of great use to different parties interested in the construction industry. It would help the business quicken the procurement process and also get quality work done at competitive pricing.


Some parties that would benefit from a good quality Database of construction firms and builders:


ü  Firm of architects


Such a firm would like to work together with a credible constructor and would therefore make good use of Builders and Construction Companies Database Directory and Marketing Lists to ensure work is implemented as designed.


ü  Local authorities

Despite the fact that local authorities have the names of firms that are licensed to operate within the area, they would benefit from a mailing list because data is relatively better organized.


ü  Individuals

When people want to have some building work done, they would like to have a way of knowing the firms that exist and compare them.